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Top 10 (Okay, 12!) Things Happening in Moab This September

Top 10 (Okay, 12!) Things Happening in Moab This September

Greetings fellow adventure-seekers! As the vibrant hues of summer merge with the golden tints of fall, September in Moab turns into a melange of thrilling activities, art, and soulful melodies. Whether you’re a regular visitor or it’s your first-time setting foot in our red-rock haven, here’s a handpicked list of events that you simply can’t miss! Dive in, and let the rhythms of Moab guide you:

1. Red Rock 4 Wheelers Labor Day Safari (Sep 2-4)

Craving an adrenaline rush? Traverse the iconic terrains of Moab in an off-roading adventure that will leave you awestruck with its sheer beauty and thrill. FULL DETAILS HERE

2. Moab Music Festival: 100 Years of Ragtime (Sep 2)

Relive the pulsating beats of Scott Joplin amidst the ethereal glow of the Red Cliffs Lodge. Moab’s canyon walls, echoing a century of rhythmic tales, await. FULL DETAILS HERE

3. MMF’s Rocky Mountain Power Community Concert (Sep 4)

Join the community at Old City Park for a harmonic journey spanning classic symphonies to sizzling jazz vibes. Spread a blanket, relax, and let the music take over. FULL DETAILS HERE

4. Moab ArtWalk (Sep 9)

Discover the soul of Moab through the strokes, colors, and imaginations of local artists. An evening of art, culture, and delightful downtown strolls. FULL DETAILS HERE

5. 7th Annual Moab Festival of Science (Sep 13-17)

Embark on a scientific exploration of the Colorado Plateau. Five days of riveting discussions, interactions, and discoveries that promise to ignite your curiosity. FULL DETAILS HERE

6. Moab Century Tour (Sep 16-17)

Cyclists, unite! Embrace the heart-stopping beauty of Moab as you pedal through the La Sal Mountains, red rock canyons, and alongside the Colorado River. FULL DETAILS HERE

7. National Public Lands Day 2023 (Sep 23)

Join the nation in paying tribute to our public lands. A day dedicated to appreciating, conserving, and enjoying the green spaces that bind our community. FULL DETAILS HERE

8. Fifth Annual YGP Harvest Festival (Sep 23)

Revel in the joys of the harvest season! From jams to pies, music to games, there’s something for every age and taste. FULL DETAILS HERE

9. Outerbike (Sep 29-Oct 1)

Attention, mountain biking aficionados! Experience the best of biking brands, test drives, and connect with the biking community in iconic Moab locations. FULL DETAILS HERE

10. Red Rock Art Festival (Sep 29)

Dive deep into Moab’s artistic soul. Workshops, interactive sessions, and tales from the past and future await at this art fest. FULL DETAILS HERE

11. Moab ArTTrails 6th Annual Exhibition (Sep 30)

Wander through an outdoor gallery of sculptures, each telling a unique tale, each vying for a permanent spot in Moab’s public collection. FULL DETAILS HERE

12. Live Music Galore!

The music scene in Moab is as diverse as its landscapes. Check out nightly live music at venues like the BluPig, Red Cliffs Lodge, Moab Backyard Theatre, Spitfire Grill, and more. Let the local rhythms enchant your evenings. UPCOMING LIVE MUSIC DETAILS HERE

Moab, with its rich tapestry of events this September, promises experiences that are a blend of adventure, culture, and community vibes. So, pack your bags, mark your calendars, and get ready to be mesmerized!

For a detailed calendar of more events, Visit Us HERE


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