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10 Must-Experience Events in Moab as Summer Heat Softens

10 Must-Experience Events in Moab as Summer Heat Softens

As the scorching days of summer start to mellow, Moab transforms into a haven of vibrant events set against its iconic red-rock backdrop. With more agreeable temperatures, the town flourishes with an array of activities that blend music, art, history, and the great outdoors. Ready to soak in the best of Moab’s late summer offerings? Let’s dive in!

1. Journey Back in Time with Moab’s Historic Downtown Tour:

Date: Every Saturday

Delve into the riveting tales of Moab’s settlers, ranchers, and pioneers as you stroll through its storied streets with the ‘Livestock Built this City’ tour. See the full event schedule here.

2. Express Yourself at Red Cliffs Lodge:

Date: Every Sunday

Every Sunday, Red Cliffs Lodge turns into an artist’s paradise. Under the guidance of TheArtistCNK, unleash your creative flair and take home a Moab-inspired masterpiece. See the full event schedule here.

3. The Moab Music Festival’s Auditory Adventures:

Date: Multiple Dates

Whether it’s celebrating Rachmaninoff’s 150th with a piano marathon or embarking on a floating concert on the Colorado River, the Moab Music Festival promises unparalleled soundscapes. See the full event schedule here.

4. Moab’s Nightly Melodies at Blu Pig, Moab Backyard Theater, and Red Cliffs Lodge:

Date: Daily

From Rick Gerber’s riveting performance at Blu Pig to Juniper Drive’s one-of-a-kind Honky Tonk Fusion at Moab Backyard Theater, and the melodious tunes at Red Cliffs Lodge, the town’s music scene guarantees nights filled with rhythm and flair.


Date: August 18th

Join the vibrant energy of Pixie & The Partygrass Boys as they light up the stage with their musical prowess during the Moab Free Concerts Series. See the full event schedule here.

6. Cosmic Cinema at Swanny City Park:

Date: August 25th

Experience the celestial wonders of Moab’s night skies followed by the gripping narrative of ‘Contact’. A starry night of discovery awaits, all thanks to Science Moab. See the full event schedule here.

7. The Western Saga, “Bitterbrush”:

Date: August 24th

Unveil the compelling narratives of the American West. Set against the expansive terrains of Idaho, this film beautifully captures friendship and exploration. See the full event schedule here.

8. Historical Conversations at the Moab Museum:

Date: August 24th

Engage with NPS Ranger Ash Hightower as she contrasts ancient rock inscriptions with modern-day graffiti, offering insights into our age-old desire to leave a lasting impression. See the full event schedule here.

9. Dive into American Minimalism at Star Hall:

Date: August 25th

Be part of the Moab Music Festival’s tribute to American Minimalism. With a spotlight on Timo Andres’ new quartet, it’s an evening classical music enthusiasts won’t want to miss. See the full event schedule here.

10. Moab Music Festival’s Grotto Concerts:

Date: August 31st

Imagine the sheer magic of experiencing Bach’s timeless pieces in the midst of the Colorado River Wilderness Grotto. With Claire Huangci at the helm, nature and music will entwine seamlessly. See the full event schedule here.

As the blistering summer days make way for pleasant, sun-drenched afternoons, Moab’s events calendar is bursting with activities that beckon. Whether you’re a melophile, art enthusiast, or a history buff, there’s a special Moab memory waiting to be made.

Eager to explore further? Find the full spectrum of Moab’s late summer events and more at


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