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The Moab Music Festival 2023: August’s Musical Odyssey Amidst Moab’s Red Rocks

The Moab Music Festival 2023: August’s Musical Odyssey Amidst Moab’s Red Rocks

Amidst the striking beauty of Moab, Utah, the Moab Music Festival offers a melodic experience that captivates both the heart and the senses. As we usher in the 31st year of this award-winning extravaganza, August heralds a series of unforgettable performances. But it’s not just about the music; it’s about the melding of symphony, nature, and the rich tapestry of Moab’s history.

Music in Concert with the Landscape®

Embodying the spirit of the festival, the tagline Music in Concert with the Landscape® is more than words—it’s an immersive experience. The melodies, enriched by the timeless backdrop of Moab’s red rock vistas, create moments of profound resonance.

Conceived in 1992 by New York luminaries Leslie Tomkins and Michael Barrett, this festival was birthed from a love for Moab’s geological wonders. It’s known for its eclectic venues ranging from quaint ranches to Moab’s historic Star Hall. Yet, the true crown jewels are the outdoor performances, especially those in pristine Colorado River wilderness grottos, accessible only by jet boats and hidden trails.

August Highlights of the 31st Moab Music Festival

1. Piano Marathon: One Day, Three Concerts – August 26

Star Hall A dedication to Rachmaninoff, this day-long extravaganza showcases his genius in a series of spellbinding concerts.

2. Floating Concert on the Colorado River – August 27

Lose yourself in French impressionist melodies as the Colorado River gently embraces the rhythm.

3. ‘RIVER’ Documentary Screening – August 23

Delve deep into the essence of rivers and their profound impact on humanity and music through this evocative documentary.

4. New Music at Red Earth – August 24

Explore contemporary compositions that resonate with the natural vibrancy of Moab’s earthy tones.

5. American Minimalism: A Retrospective – August 25

Dive into the simplistic yet profound world of American Minimalism, celebrating its impact on the global music scene.

5. Grotto I: Bach in the Grotto – August 31

Colorado River Wilderness Grotto Claire Huangci takes center stage, breathing life into Bach’s masterpieces within the sonorous confines of the grotto.

This August, the festival unfolds with a cast of 53 artists, lighting up 13 wilderness and historic venues with chamber music, jazz, and Latin flavors. It’s the beginning of three weeks that promise 23 concerts and countless cherished moments.

More than Just Music

Beyond melodies, the Moab Music Festival embodies a commitment to music education and Moab’s cultural fabric. Adorned with accolades like the Utah Arts Council’s Governor’s Award in the Arts and ASCAP’s “Adventurous Programming” award, it continues its mission of enthralling, enlightening, and engaging audiences from all corners of the globe.

Embark on Your August Musical Odyssey

The melodies of the Moab Music Festival beckon this August. Immerse yourself in a union of world-class music and Moab’s breathtaking canvas.

To delve deeper into the calendar of events, secure tickets, or to glimpse the full spectrum of the festival’s offerings, visit


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